Vim operator to search using Ag/Ack/CtrlSF/Ggrep/etc.
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Custom Operator to Search Using Ag/Ack/CrlSF/etc



  • Set up some custom mappings. For example:
map g/ <Plug>(operator-ag) " or ack/ctrlsf
map g? <Plug>(operator-ggrep)
map gw <Plug>(operator-ag-word)
map gh <plug>(operator-helpgrep) "or dash if you use that
  • The most useful way to use this plugin is using the visual mode mapping. E.g. make a selection and hit g/.

  • You may also use motions. To search in parentheses: g/i).


You can customize the Ag, Ack, CtrlSF, command if you'd like. The most common customizations would be:

  • Use regexes rather than treating search query as a literal.
let g:gsearch_ag_command = 'Ag!'
  • To jump to the first result immediately.
let g:gsearch_ag_command = 'Ack -Q'


  • sjl's original tip: If you would like an implementation of this plugin without relying on user operators you're welcome to use and extend that.

  • Angelic-sedition's original implementation. My implementation doesn't rely on unite and on registers.