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Emergency Kitten!

Emergency Kitten shows you a random kitten on every pageview. Because sometimes you just need a kitten.

Kitten Sources

Kittens can come from two places:

  1. A small set of curated kittens that are hard-coded in src/kittens.json.

  2. A Flickr search for interesting CC-licensed or public domain photos tagged with kitten or kittens.

Exactly which place a kitten comes from on any given pageview is completely random. If the Flickr API call fails for any reason, a kitten from the curated set will be used instead.

From time to time you may see a photo that doesn't contain a kitten. This just means someone mistagged it on Flickr. Sorry about that.


To run Emergency Kittens locally, you'll need Node.js and pnpm.

After cloning this repo, use pnpm to install dependencies:

pnpm install

To start a development server, run:

pnpm start

This will start a dev server at (or the next available port). Open that URL in your browser. You can now edit the files under public/ and src/ and your changes will be built automatically when you reload the page.


The best way to contribute is to upload pictures of kittens to Flickr! At this time, we don't need any more curated kittens. If you spot a bug or a broken kitten, please file an issue.

We're not looking for new features or new data sources at this time.