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Thoth History
Version 0.3.0 (?)
* Requires Ramaze 2010.06.18.
* Requires Sequel 3.8.x.
* Thoth can now be run under Phusion Passenger (mod_rack/mod_rails) or any
other server that supports Rackup specifications. This is now the preferred
way to run Thoth. [Thanks to Steven Bedrick]
* Significant caching and performance optimizations.
* Blog posts can now be saved as drafts, so you can save posts in progress
without publishing them.
* Added Gravatar support, enabled by default. Set site.gravatar.enabled to
false if you don't want it.
* Added site.css and site.js config arrays, which allow you to specify CSS
and JS URLs that should be loaded in addition to the default Thoth CSS and
JS. This way you don't have to override the CSS and JS templates to
customize your theme.
* Added memcache support, disabled by default. Overkill for most blogs, but if
you've got a crazy high-traffic site and need to balance load across many
processes or servers, this is for you.
* Twitter plugin now excludes replies by default.
* Twitter plugin now turns #hashtags into links.
* Comments can now be enabled and disabled on individual posts.
* Deleted comments remain in the database but are hidden from view, rather
than being permanently deleted.
* Comment HTML sanitization was separated out into a new gem, Sanitize.
* The "New comment" form now requires an email address.
* Comment titles are now limited to 150 characters instead of 255.
* Long unbroken runs of text without whitespace in comments are now broken up
with <wbr /> tags to make them wrap without breaking the site layout.
* Fixed a bug that caused an invalid path to be used for media files uploaded
via Internet Explorer.
* Added a Pinboard plugin.
Version 0.2.1 (2008-09-09)
* Requires Sequel 2.5.x (this fixes an issue with SQLite and DateTime
* Requires RedCloth 4.0.x. Markdown syntax is no longer supported as a result.
* Names of existing tags are now suggested as you type in the "Tags" field
when creating or editing a blog post.
* Blog post URL names can now be specified just like pages, and names are
automatically validated and checked for uniqueness via Ajax. If you don't
manually enter a name, one will be created automatically based on the title.
* Comments are now deleted via Ajax when JavaScript is enabled, making it
easier to delete multiple comments without having to reload the page.
* A rel="nofollow" attribute is now automatically added to links in user
* When minification is enabled, filenames in the public /css and /js
directories that have names ending in "-min.css" or "-min.js" will be
served as is since they are presumably already minified.
* Fixed a bug that prevented client-side caching of CSS and JS when
server-side caching and minification were enabled.
* Fixed internal server error when viewing a tag that isn't attached to any
Version 0.2.0 (2008-06-15)
* Requires Ramaze 2008.06.
* Requires Sequel 2.0.1.
* Added --adapter command line option and server.adapter config option to
specify a different Ramaze server adapter to use (the default is Thin).
* Added --migrate command line option to automatically upgrade or downgrade
a Thoth database schema.
* Added site.enable_comments setting. Set this to false if you don't want
users to be able to post comments on your blog.
* Added server.enable_minify setting. When enabled, all CSS under /css and all
JavaScript under /js will be minified on the fly.
* Pagination bars now include links to up to nine nearby result pages in
addition to the prev/next links.
* Views are compiled by default in production mode, which improves performance
significantly. To disable view compilation, set server.compile_views to
* All admin forms validate a session-specific form token on submission to
prevent cross-site request forgery attacks.
* The Flickr and Delicious plugins are now included in the main Thoth gem.
* The Flickr and Delicious plugins have been modified to take advantage of
Ramaze's improved value cache rather than handling their own caching.
* Added a Twitter plugin.
* Added a Tags plugin for displaying tag statistics.
* Fixed incorrect default paths for the theme.public, theme.view, and media
config settings.
* Fixed the --home command line option.
Version 0.1.4 (2008-04-15)
* Fixed a nasty bug introduced in 0.1.3 that caused a memory leak and resulted
in the index page (/) not being cached properly.
Version 0.1.3 (2008-04-13)
* When creating or editing a blog post or page, the preview is displayed above
the edit form rather than below it.
* Spaces in blog post URLs are replaced with - rather than _ (this change will
only affect new posts; existing post URLs will not be changed).
* Blog posts provide Atom feeds for recent comments.
* Tag pages provide Atom feeds for posts with that tag.
* Blog posts are marked up using the hAtom microformat.
* Thoth auto-generates an XML sitemap at (set
site.enable_sitemap to false to disable).
* Comment URLs are built using the name of the post the comment is attached to
rather than the id.
* Fixed a bug that prevented Atom and RSS feeds from being cached when
server-side caching was enabled.
* Fixed entry titles in Atom feeds claiming to be type="html" when in fact
they weren't.
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused flash messages to be cached with the
output of an action and re-displayed until the cached action expired.
Version 0.1.2 (2008-03-22)
* Added MinifyController to minify JavaScript and CSS on the fly.
* Bumped Ramaze dependency to to chase some important bug fixes.
Version 0.1.1 (2008-03-17)
* First release.