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Dashboard for the Open Knowledge Foundation
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A Community Dashboard for the Open Knowledge Foundation. See wiki for details of project:

Directory Structure

The repository has this layout:

-- okfn-dashboard
 `-- app: webapp
   `-- js: JavaScript files, often exported by scripts
   `-- css: style sheets
   `-- img: image files
 `-- scripts: scripts to extract data from various sources
 `-- cache: cache directory for data during processing
 `-- data: houses permanent stored (bulk) data

For Developers

Backend and Data Harvesting


If you intend to run python scripts for storing and harvesting data you will need to:

  1. Install python, plus setuptools, pip and virtualenv

  2. Install other requirements:

    virtualenv {path-to-your-virtualenv}
    pip -E {your-virtualenv} install pip-requirements.txt
  3. Copy and paste dashboard.cfg.tmpl to dashboard.cfg and set relevant config variables


Harvesting script is:


To see command options do:

python scripts/ -h

Frontend App

To test e.g. the members map locally you need to allow the browser access to local (json) files. This is fine by default in FF and IE but in Chrome you need to pass the following option:



2011-04-22 p:members Conversion from csv dump of members to json is not handling wrapped lines (in descriptions) correctly.

2011-04-22 p:members cannot see more than one marker if 2 or more markers in exact same long/lat (as happens frequently because we have imprecise initial locations).

2011-04-25 p:members Replaced Google Maps with OpenStreetMap by using OpenLayers. OKFN logo used as a marker for the members positions. Problem of overlapping data with the same coordinates solved by using the clustering function of OpenLayers: click on the icon and this show the list of members in that place (this depends on the zoom level). Possible fix: change the icon size in relation to the number of users

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