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Webapp to track cherry-pick status of patches in a git trunk
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cherrymaint is a minimalistic, standalone webapp that allows to track the
commits in a master branch that you want to consider for cherry-picking in
a maintainance branch. It has been written to help the Perl 5 committers
to manage the maintainance releases of Perl 5.

what it does

Each commit between two chosen points in the master branch can be
associated to a status: Unexamined, Rejected, Requested, Seconded,
Approved, and Cherry-picked. The statuses are currently saved in a flat
file, which is not very scalable.

what it requires to work

Perl 5, Dancer and Template Toolkit.

how do I install it

Edit config.yml to indicate the gitroot directory, and the startpoint
(usually some tag) and endpoint (usually some HEAD) of the commits to
display. Then, run and it'll start an http server on port
3000 (Dancer's default.)
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