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A stupid, no-brainer, unconfigurable growl notifier for irssi->screen->ssh
Features : none, apart from being very small and thus very hackable
Requires : no cpan module ; the growlnotify utility
Installation :
1. put griwlrssid somewhere on the OS X box from where you access irssi
through ssh, executable bit being set
2. eventually edit it so it finds the path to growlnotify (the command-line
utility that comes with growl, but should be installed separately)
3. put griwlrssid.plist in ~/Library/LaunchAgents, and edit it so it
has the correct path to wherever you put griwlrssid. You might have to
use launchctl(1) to start it, or just log out and log in.
4. put in ~/.irssi/scripts on the irssi host, and load it
with the "/script load" command
5. connect to the host with "ssh -R 9942:localhost:9942 hostname"
or put "RemoteForward 9942 localhost:9942" in your .ssh/config file.
If you don't like the port number 9942, replace it by another one more
to your liking in and in griwlrssid.
6. enjoy being notified