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linked list in pure python
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pyllist - linked lists for Python

pyllist is a Python module providing basic linked list data structures.
Collections implemented in the pyllist module perform well in problems
which rely on fast insertions and/or deletions of elements in
the middle of a sequence.
For this kind of workload, they can be faster than collections.deque
or standard Python lists.

This extension requires Python 2.x. It should work with any
implementation (tested with CPython and PyPy).
Note however, that for CPython there is a much faster C extension
module with the same API at

Currently pyllist provides the following types of linked lists:
 - dllist - a doubly linked list
 - sllist - a singly linked list

Full documentation of these classes is available at:

To install this package, either run "pip install pyllist",
or download it manually from
then unpack the sources and compile them with "python install".

The most current development version is available at:

Bugs can be reported at:

This software is distributed under the MIT license.
Please see the LICENSE file included in the package for details.
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