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Redmine plugin for managing billable rates and costs based on logged time.
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Redmine Rate

Agnostic Redmine plugin for billing users based on spent time and hourly rates with UI and simple API for plugins.

  • Work cost calculated dynamicaly based on tracked time.
  • Hourly rates can be specified globally as well as on per project basis.
  • Cost and rates are persistent.
  • Historical data is preserved.
  • Managable by administrators as well as permitted users (rate supervisors).
  • UI for managing rates in user profile, project memberships, and global views.
  • Easily integrates with other plugins with simple and stable API (Rate.for).

This plugin is based on Eric Davis' awesome work which means it can be used as drop-in replacement and it will work with all existing plugins using redmine_rate.


Follow standard Redmine plugin installation procedure.

  1. Move redmine_rate/ to $REDMINE/plugins/
  2. Run migrations: rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_rate
  3. Restart Redmine.


By defaults rates can by set only by administrator. If you would like to let other users have access to it, select Rate supervisor group in plugin settings (Settings » Plugins » Redmine Rate).

In addition to that, role permissions for project are provided:

  • View rates enabling to see cost for spent time and viewing project members' hourly rates.
  • Edit rates allowing to edit rates for a given project.

Specify rates

There are two main ways to manage rates:

  • Project membership settings, for user with View rates and Edit rates permissions.

    1. Go to project Settings.
    2. Select Members tab.
    3. Click New rate in user row.
  • Rates view, for administrators and supervisors, which query filters and global list.

    1. Go to user profile.
    2. Click Rates.
    3. Click + icon.
  • User edit view, for administrators, in Rates tab.

When creating new rate, it is possible to specify Project value. If it is set as "Default rate", rates will be applied globally, otherwise only in the scope of selected project.


The aim is to keep and mantain compatibility for as many Redmine versions as possible. Currently tested and supported versions:

  • Redmine 2.x
  • Redmine 3.x
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