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xanaxbetter is a script which automatically transcodes and uploads these files to Apollo.Rip.

The following command will scan through every FLAC you have ever downloaded (if it is in , determine which formats are needed, transcode the FLAC to each needed format, and upload each format to Apollo.Rip -- automatically.

$ xanaxbetter


You're going to need to install a few dependencies before using xanaxbetter.

First and foremost, you will need Python 2.7 or newer.

Once you've got Python installed, you will need a few modules: mechanize, mutagen, and requests. Try this:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

If you are on a seedbox, or a system without root priviliages, try this:

$ pip install --user -r requirements.txt

Some seedbox providers (such as will not work properly with --user as they have the system packages overriding the local ones (especially if you're using requests[security]). You'll need to create a virtualenv to use it. This can be accomplished as:

$ pip install --user virtualenv
$ cd ~/
$ ~/.local/bin/virtualenv apollo-venv

Then anytime you need to use xanaxbetter, you just need to run this first:

$ source ~/apollo-venv/bin/activate

You should now see (apollo-venv) at the beginning of your terminal prompt. You should now install the requirements as normal.

Please note, that if you're on an older version of python 2.7 (such as 2.7.6), you either must update your python installation or you can do:

$ pip install requests[security]

Please note, this does require the installation of some additional system packages that you may need to install (python-dev, libffi-dev, and libssl-dev on Ubuntu).

Alternatively, if you have setuptools installed, you can do this (in the source directory):

$ python install

This should theoretically install all required dependencies automatically.

Furthermore, you need several external programs: mktorrent, flac, lame, and sox. The method of installing these programs varies depending on your operating system, but if you're using something like Ubuntu you can do this:

# aptitude install mktorrent flac lame sox

On Mac using homebrew:

$ brew install mktorrent flac lame sox

If you are on a seedbox and you lack the privilages to install packages, you could contact your provider to have these packages installed.

At this point you may execute the following command:

$ xanaxbetter

And you will receive a notification stating that you should edit the configuration file ~/.xanaxbetter/config (if you're lucky).


You've made it far! Congratulations. Open up the file ~/.xanaxbetter/config in a text editor. You're going to see something like this:

username =
password =
data_dir =
output_dir =
torrent_dir =
formats = flac, v0, 320, v2
media = sacd, soundboard, web, dvd, cd, dat, vinyl, blu-ray
24bit_behaviour = 0

username and password are your Apollo.Rip login credentials. Note, if either contain a %, you need to put an additional % before it (so if your password was a%b, you need to type a%%b). data_dir is the directory where your downloads are stored. output_dir is the directory where your transcodes will be created. If the value is blank, data_dir will be used. torrent_dir is the directory where torrents should be created (e.g., your watch directory). formats is a list of formats that you'd like to support (so if you don't want to upload V2, just remove it from this list). media is a list of lossless media types you want to consider for transcoding. The default value is all Apollo.Rip lossless formats, but if you want to transcode only CD and vinyl media, for example, you would set this to 'cd, vinyl'. 24bit_behaviour defines what happens when the program encounters a FLAC that it thinks is 24bits. If it is set to '2', every FLAC that has a bits- per-sample property of 24 will be silently re-categorized. If it set to '1', a prompt will appear. The default is '0' which ignores these occurrences.

You should end up with something like this:

username = RequestBunny
password = clapton
data_dir = /srv/downloads
output_dir =
torrent_dir = /srv/torrents
formats = flac, v0, 320
media = cd, vinyl, web
24bit_behaviour = 0

Alright! Now you're ready to use xanaxbetter.


usage: xanaxbetter [-h] [-s] [-j THREADS] [--config CONFIG] [--cache CACHE]
                   [-U] [-E] [--version]
                   [release_urls [release_urls ...]]

positional arguments:
  release_urls          the URL where the release is located (default: None)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s, --single          only add one format per release (useful for getting
                        unique groups) (default: False)
  -j THREADS, --threads THREADS
                        number of threads to use when transcoding (default: 3)
  --config CONFIG       the location of the configuration file (default:
  --cache CACHE         the location of the cache (default:
  -U, --no-upload       don't upload new torrents (in case you want to do it
  -E, --no-24bit-edit   don't try to edit 24-bit torrents mistakenly labeled
  -C, --check-dir       check/verify (eventually edit) transcode directory
                        name before creation (default: False)
                        manually) (default: False)
                        as 16-bit (default: False)
  --version             show program's version number and exit


To transcode and upload every snatch you've ever downloaded (this may take a while):

$ xanaxbetter

To transcode and upload a specific release (provided you have already downloaded the FLAC and it is located in your data_dir):

$ xanaxbetter ""

Note that if you specify a particular release(s), xanaxbetter will ignore your configuration's media types and attempt to transcode the releases you have specified regardless of their media type (so long as they are lossless types).

Your first time running xanaxbetter might take a while, but after it has successfully gone through and checked everything, it'll go faster any consecutive runs due to it's caching method.