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Documentation from the MOBB/MOST team

Welcome to the MOBB Ninja Documentation repo!

This repository holds all of the MOBB Team's guides, documents and quickstarts for the Managed Openshift suite of products and their integrations.

If this is your first interaction with Red Hat's Managed Openshift service offerings and would like to find out more, please reach out to the Red Hat team using the Contact Us link provided on the sidebar menu.

Working from GitHub Code Spaces

You should be able to review PRs, preview branches, and even write new posts directly in code spaces.

  1. In github look for the green <> Code button, choose that, click code spaces and the + button.

    This will bring up the code spaces interface.

  2. In the TERMINAL run make devspaces which will create a preview hugo site for your branch

  3. Click Ports and click the Open in browser icon.

You should now have a github space ready for writing content or reviewing PRs.


For contributing to this repository, please follow the guidelines specified in the


Step-by-step tutorials from Red Hat experts to help you get the most out of your Managed OpenShift cluster.