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CP2104 to serLCD test

Just a simple python sketch to test Silicon Labs CP2104.

The CP2104 is a USB to UART bridge. This allows serial communication over USB. When the device is attached to a USB port, it will appear as a serial interface. In my case /dev/ttyUSB0.

What do I do?

To test this device, connect the TX pin of the CP2104 to the RX pin of a sparkfun serLCD backpack driving an LCD display. Connect the CP2104 to the computer via USB verify that it appears as /dev/ttyUSB0.
This python sketch will send keypress characters via serial communication to be rendered on the LCD. You will need the pySerial and Curses modules installed.

Some python and a serLCD to get familiar with @siliconlabs CP2104 USB bridge.

— R̸y̧an͝ ͝Ol҉es (@rho_) December 30, 2016
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