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Die if sort_interfaces cannot make progress walking the interface dep…

… tree.

This will prevent the network barclamp from going into an infinite loop if
the dependency tree for interface bringup/shutdown has a cycle in it.
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commit d4c9ee44d9f507e742039186f39cc309bed74cbf 1 parent 01b5866
@VictorLowther VictorLowther authored
Showing with 10 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +10 −3 chef/cookbooks/network/recipes/default.rb
13 chef/cookbooks/network/recipes/default.rb
@@ -24,17 +24,24 @@
# They should be torn down in reverse order.
def sort_interfaces(interfaces)
- i=interfaces.keys.sort.reject{|k| interfaces[k].has_key?(:order)}
+ i=interfaces.keys.sort
until i.empty?
+ Chef::Log.debug("Processing interfaces #{i.inspect}")
i.each do |ifname|
- iface[:interface_list] = iface[:interface_list].sort if iface[:interface_list]
+ iface[:interface_list] ||=
+ iface[:interface_list] = iface[:interface_list].sort
+ Chef::Log.debug("#{ifname}: #{iface.inspect}")
# If this interface has children, and any of its children have not
# been given a sequence number, skip it.
- next if iface[:interface_list] and not iface[:interface_list].empty? and not iface[:interface_list].all?{|j| ifname == j || interfaces[j].has_key?(:order)}
+ next if not iface[:interface_list].empty? and
+ not iface[:interface_list].all? {|j| interfaces[j].has_key?(:order)}
iface[:order] = seq
seq=seq + 1
+ unless i.any? {|j| interfaces[j][:order]}
+ raise"Interfaces #{i.inspect} touched, but no sequence numbers assigned!\nThis should never happen.")
+ end
i=interfaces.keys.sort.reject{|k| interfaces[k].has_key?(:order)}
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