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LSDJ Patch Book

This project is a Patch Book for the LSDJ tracker.


Current features are:
- Contributors (which submit the patch)
- Authors (contributors can specify the original author)
- Instrument listing (all, by author, by contributor)
- Instrument tagging and find by tag
- Instrument listing by type
- Sample uploading, playing is done using an tag, downloading the sample is also possible!
- Raw export in plain text : if you want to print it or avoid web garbage :-)
- Zero javascript used for validations! All are done server-side, better :-)
- Atome feeds for most urls

- Search into instruments names

Idea based on

This LSDJ Patch Book is inspired, and based (for UI inspiration) on the “original”
LSDJ Patch Book, written in PHP, available at the following address:


- “Original” LSDJ Patch Book in PHP :
- LSDJ web page :


Problem ? Want to deploy your own LSDJ Patch Book ? No problem! Just contact me:
- rhaamo at rhaamo dot li