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A library for retrieving and parsing meteorological aviation reports (METAR) and terminal area forecasts (TAF)
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This is a fork of brandonh's ruby-metar project. I have renamed it back to ruby-wx as I plan on including TAF decoding support.

METAR decoding

TAF decoding


usage: ./example.rb [ICAO] [TYPE]
    ICAO: ICAO Station Code
    TYPE: Can be METAR or TAF, default to METAR if wrong

% ./example.rb LOWI METAR
TEXT:                 LOWI 141350Z VRB02KT 9999 FEW022 BKN026 09/05 Q1013 NOSIG
Conditions at:        LOWI
Temperature/Dewpoint: 9°C / 5°C (48.2°F / 41°F) [RH 75.9%]
Pressure (altimiter): 10.13 inches Hg (343 mb)
Winds:                Variable at 2 knots (2.3 MPH; 1 m/s)
Visibility:           Greater than  miles
Clouds:               Few at 2200 ft
                      Broken at 2600 ft
Recent Weather:       No Significant change

My fork

I've forked only to fix minors things


The original stuff comes from

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