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There is nothing writed for the moment, i'm searching for solutions.

First part:

  • The "client" need to connect to the plugin using UDP, then register (name, description).

Second part (receiving):

  • The "client" tell the plugin to send a dataref (in ASCII) (with accuracy ? like "doesn't re-send if not changed +- 0.4)
  • Use it.
  • Anyway, the dataref "selectionned" are sent using UDP

Third part (sending):

  • beh, send...

There is already but:

  • The plugin is not opensource
  • The SDK is not opensource
  • There is no Linux ARM build ...
  • There is no NetBSD i386/amd64 build

There is also but i don't like C++ and i'ts under GPL (and it use TCP) :(

For the protocol of xpudpng i think i will use a custom struct, for my use, and the hobbyist use i don't think CAN aerospace is REALLY needed ...

We need a struct that can be used from the client or the plugin.

struct our_packet {
    from char[6]; /* CLIENT or PLUGIN */
    query char[256]; /* The "query", can be NULL? (if reply) or "subscribe foo/bar/baz" etc.. */
    reply char[256]; /* The reply, from the plugin, NULL? if only query */
    dataRefString char[25]; /* The ASCII DataRef String */
    dataRefValue void;
    dataRefType char[5];
    accuracyValue void;
    accuracyType char[5];
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