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WAFEx Model Creator

WAFEx Model Creator is an extension for Burp Proxy that allows for the simple extraction of a formal model in ASLan++ starting from a recorded HTTP sequence. WAFEx Model Creator can also be used to generate and edit the skeleton of an ASLan++ model and the concretization file.



  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Install http-parser (make sure you install it for Python2.7):
pip install http-parser
  1. Burp Suite -> Extender -> Options
    • Python Environment -> Location of Jython standalone JAR file: load jython standalone.
    • Python Environment -> Folder for loading mofules (optional): select the path of the Python libraries.
    • Java Environment -> Folder for loading library JAr files (optional): load
  2. Burp Suite -> Extender -> Add
    • In Extension type select Python and load ""

How to use

The security analyst interacts with the web application and records a sequence of HTTP requests\responses. He then selects the requests he wants to use for creating a model in ASLAn++ and, with left click, sends them to the WAFEx Model Creator plugin.


The user interface of WAFEx Model Creator provides: a table collecting the requests to translate (1), a panel showing details of a selected request (2), a file selector for specifying the database file (3), two tabs for ASLan++ and the concretization editors (4), and the actual editor that also provides syntax highlight (5).