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Check when your trash will be picked up
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Trashcan Reminder

Homey will remind you to put the trash out! You can do this by providing a postcode, house number and country(NL/BE).

Supported Cities

Unfortunately not all cities work with the Trashcan Reminder, if you can find your house with one of the links below your house is supported:

If your city is not supported you can always add your schedule manually. If you wish to contribute to the project (for example by adding support for a city) I would advise you to take a look at this explanation

Supported Cards

There is one card that you can place in the "then" column. The card let's you check if trash type X is collected << today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow >>.

Supported Speech

You can ask Homey four type of questions regarding your waste collection:

  • When is the green container collected?
  • What is collected next monday?
  • Is the residual waste collected this friday?
  • Which type of trash is collected next?
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