Code for reproducing "Solving Montezuma's Revenge with Planning and Reinforcement Learning"
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Code used in making the undergraduate thesis "Solving Montezuma's Revenge with Planning and Reinforcement Learning".

  • examine_game: scripts for examining the memory and testing the options.
  • IW: the implementation of IW(3) on position, based on Lipovetzky, Ramirez and Geffner's.
  • hexq: the implementation of Sarsa for the learning results.
  • ALE-montezuma-modified: slightly modified ALE, notably with added rewards to MR and some methods and attributes made public.
  • report-TFG: the thesis report, in LaTeX.


Almost all the code here uses the Arcade Learning Environment, which is GPLv2. For simplicity, then, all the code in this repository or its sub-repositories is GPLv2 (see code-license.txt).

The data and document are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Creative Commons License