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Egde version

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  • Bugfix with remove_extra_files when only bower.json in root without Bowerfile #175
  • Load Bowerfile from all gem dependencies before load by @gabealmer #162
  • Make bower components directory configurable #183
  • Shell-escape bower command to handle directories with spaces #199
  • Return proper exit code on rake tasks when 'bower' is not installed #200
  • Put url parameters outside of erb on paths resolve #202


  • add ability to configure bower to pass -F to bower install by @hubert #129
  • add ability to append files into main directive by @gacha #137


  • remove before hook in favour of rake dependency by @itszootime and @carsomyr #121


  • add bower:clean:cache rake task by @ruprict #115



  • add use_bower_install_deployment configurable option by @Zhomart #101
  • fix "cleans *.css.erb files before assets:precompile" by @Zhomart #101
  • added support wildcards for task rake bower:clean by @Zhomart #101


  • fix "undefined method 'perform' for main:Object" by @kenips #99


  • Add configurable root_path option for bower-rails
  • Extract performing logic to the separate BowerRails::Performer class by @Melanitski #95
  • Add rake bower:install:production, rake bower:install:development, set rake bower:install to match rake bower:install:production
  • Add dev_dependencies to your Bowerfile DSL resolving to devDependencies in your bowerfile.json


  • Add rake bower:install:deployment which installs from generated bower.json without generating it first, keeping any additions (like dependency conflict resolutions) intact #89 and #92


  • Add install_before_precompile configurable option to invoke rake bower:install before precompilation
  • DSL: Add ability to specify ref option which accepts commit's SHA and composes it as a component's version
  • Fix NoMethodError: undefined method 'full_comment' for nil:NilClass. Check for rake assets:precompile task existance.


  • add configurable option for performing rake bower:install and rake bower:clean tasks before assets precompilation
  • add ability to pass bower CLI options to bower-rails rake tasks if nessesary
  • rake bower:clean task added to remove any component files not specified in their respective bower.json main directives by @paulnsorensen #65
  • require 'find' in bower.rake to fix uninitialized constant Find by @cmckni3 #69
  • allow a bundler-like way of specifying versions for Git Repos by @davetron5000 #70
  • Fix bug with rake assets:precompile enhancing #72
  • Ensuring executable command doesn't point to a directory by @clouseauu #73
  • Add github option to DSL by @xtian [#75][]


  • update initialize generator to create sample Bowerfile by @byterussian #64
  • update initialize generator to create a bower-rails initializer file


  • add configuration option for BowerRails that invokes rake bower:install and rake bower:resolve tasks before assets precompilation
  • fixed bug with bower:resolve task: skip if it's not a file (ex.: a directory name contains ".css") by @yujiym #55


  • Disable installing bower assets before precompilation
  • Search node_modules directory local to project by @jimpo #52


  • fixed bug with bower:update and bower update:prune: now refreshes bower.json after update task is executed
  • rake bower:list task now available
  • There is no more dsl namespace for rake tasks. Tasks are the same as for bower.json also for Bowerfile configuration files.
  • Add support for standard bower package format by @kenips (#41)
  • If a .bowerrc file is available in the rails project root, it will now be used as the starting point for the generated .bowerrc by @3martini. (#40)
  • Root path is now always Dir.pwd without depending on Rails.root. Fixes #42
  • [DSL] Allow to store assets only in :lib or :vendor directories.
  • [DSL] Keep groups independent. Fixes #44
  • [DSL] Assign default or custom assets_path for a group if it is not provided
  • Add bower:resolve task to fix relative URLs in CSS files with Rails asset_path helper and resolve bower components before precompile by @jimpo #49