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Hi, I am Djordje Atlialp.
Hi, I am Djordje.

Yes. The name is a little exotic and challenging, but it looks more complicated than it is. My first name is pronounced just like the English "George". The surname speaks itself as it is written.

@@ -22,19 +22,6 @@ In 2014, I moved my focus into the backend development and solutions architectur
In addition to my daily work, I continue to work academically in computer science. I also enjoy working on open source projects and am a big fan of 3D printing.

## Projects

For more information about my previous works, contact me.

## Libraries

- [Hello Friend NG](, Theme for [Hugo](
- [BlueBird](, API Documentation Generator for the Phoenix Framework
- [rasterprynt](, Python library to print raster graphics on Brother PT-P950NW and PT-9800PCN
- [Django Sonic Screwdriver](, a collection of very useful commands and will make your life easier (deprecated)

## Jobs

Since 2012: **Self employed IT Consultant for Software Engineering and Cloud Computing**

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