Pretty basic theme for Hugo that covers all of the essentials. All you have to do is start typing!
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Hello Friend NG

Hello Friend NG

General informations

This theme was highly inspired by the hello-friend and hermit.


  • Theming: dark/light mode, depending on your preferences (dark is default, but you can change it)
  • Great reading experience thanks to Inter UI font, made by Rasmus Andersson
  • Nice code highlighting thanks to PrismJS
  • An easy way to modify the theme with Hugo tooling
  • Fully responsive
  • Support for social

Built-in shortcodes

  • image (prop required: src; props optional: alt, position (left is default | center | right), style)
    • eg: {{< image src="/img/hello.png" alt="Hello Friend" position="center" style="border-radius: 8px;" >}}
  • figure (same as image, plus few optional props: caption, captionPosition (left | center is default | right), captionStyle
    • eg: {{< figure src="/img/hello.png" alt="Hello Friend" position="center" style="border-radius: 8px;" caption="Hello Friend!" captionPosition="right" captionStyle="color: red;" >}}

Code highlighting

By default the theme is using PrismJS to color your code syntax. All you need to do is to wrap you code like this:

  // your code here

Supported languages:

How to start

You can download the theme manually by going to and pasting it to themes/hello-friend-ng in your root directory.

You can also clone it directly to your Hugo folder:

$ git clone themes/hello-friend-ng

If you don't want to make any radical changes, it's the best option, because you can get new updates when they are available. To do so, include it as a git submodule:

$ git submodule add themes/hello-friend-ng

How to configure

The theme doesn't require any advanced configuration. Just copy:

baseurl = "/"
languageCode = "en-us"
theme = "hello-friend-ng"

  dateform        = "Jan 2, 2006"
  dateformShort   = "Jan 2"
  dateformNum     = "2006-01-02"
  dateformNumTime = "2006-01-02 15:04 -0700"

  # Metadata mostly used in document's head
  description = "Homepage and blog by Djordje Atlialp"
  keywords = "homepage, blog, science, informatics, development, programming"
  images = [""]

  # Directory name of your blog content (default is `content/posts`)
  contentTypeName = "posts"
  # Default theme "light" or "dark"
  defaultTheme = "dark"

    title = "Hello Friend NG"
    subtitle = "A simple theme for Hugo"
    keywords = ""
    copyright = ""
    readOtherPosts = "Read other posts"

      logoText = "hello friend ng"
      logoHomeLink = "/"
    # or
    # path = "/img/your-example-logo.svg"
    # alt = "Your example logo alt text"

	# You can create a language based menu
        identifier = "about"
        name = "About"
        url = "/about"
        identifier = "showcase"
        name = "Showcase"
        url = "/showcase"

# And you can even create generic menu
    identifier = "about"
    name       = "About"
    url        = "/about"
    identifier = "blog"
    name       = "Blog"
    url        = "/posts"

  # Also, there is a option to create extra menu points for the footer
    identifier = "imprint"
    name       = "Imprint"
    url        = "/imprint"
    identifier = "privacy"
    name       = "Data Privacy"
    url        = "/privacy"

How to run your site

From your Hugo root directory run:

$ hugo server -t hello-friend-ng

and go to localhost:1313 in your browser. From now on all the changes you make will go live, so you don't need to refresh your browser every single time.

How to edit the theme

If you really want to edit the theme, you need to install Node dependencies. To do this, go to the theme directory (from your Hugo root directory):

$ cd themes/hello-friend-ng

and then run:

$ npm install

How to contribute

If you spot any bugs, please use Issue Tracker or if you want to add a new feature directly please create a new Pull Request.

Third Party


Copyright © 2019 Djordje Atlialp

The theme is released under the MIT License. Check the original theme license for additional licensing information.