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An iphone driver for capybara
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Capybara-iphone is a simple driver for capybara that identifies itself as an iphone. It can be used to test out the mobile version of your site through cucumber (given that you are using the user agent to decide whether or not to render the mobile version).

The current version of capybara-iphone is just an extended rack-test driver that provides a different user-agent string. In the future it might be extended to handle some of the iphone specific javascript calls, but not at this time.


gem install capybara-iphone


First require the library:

require 'capybara/iphone'

In order to make use of the capybara-iphone driver you will have to first register it with capybara. If you are using capybara version 0.4.0 you can register the iphone driver using:

Capybara.register_driver(:iphone) do |app|

If you are using version 0.3.9 this step is not necessary as the class name will be inferred from the driver name. I haven't tested this code with any other version of Capybara.

To tell capybara to use the iphone driver you must set the current driver:

Capybara.current_driver = :iphone

If you would like to use a tag (i.e. @iphone) to specify tests in cucumber that will use the iphone driver you can enter something like the following in your cucumber support files:

Before('@iphone') do
    Capybara.current_driver = :iphone

Helping with capybara-iphone

If you find any issues with capybara or have something you would like added feel free to file and issue in Github (though I'm not sure how much time I'll be dedicating to it).

If you would like to fix any bugs or add something to the project just fork it and send me a pull request.


Ryan Burrows: