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+# Ideas
+General workflow goes something like this:
+Code, code, code. Decide changes are ready for review and run `reviewr
+request`. This causes reviewr to:
+* create a new branch with the name `review_0f38ef31` where `0f38ef31`
+is the SHA of the current commit
+* Add a commit to the branch with metadata about the request
+(requester name/email etc).
+* push the branch to the origin repository
+* generate a github review url from the current master head commit to
+the pushed review branch
+* Send an email to `` with a nice message and the url
+The reviewer then looks over the code on github and comments as
+necessary. If the code is acceptable the reviewer runs `reviewr accept
+review_0f38ef31`. reviewr will then:
+* fetch the review branch
+* attempt to merge the reviewed branch into the master
+* if it fails an error will be raised and execution will stop
+* if is succeeds the merged master will be pushed
+* the remote review branch will be deleted.
+* an email will be sent to the review requester saying the code was accepted
+If the code the reviewer is checking is not acceptable, upon finishing
+comments on github the reviewer can run `reviewr reject
+review_0f38ef31`. reviewr will:
+* Re-generate the github url for comparing to the current master
+* Send an email to the requester of the review saying the code has
+been rejected and to please see the comments on the linked page
+# Questions and problems
+* History of comments when be lost when commits are merged
+# Todo
+* Update this when complete to be a README not a ideas page

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