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statim - A quick and easy almost-wiki

statim is a shell script for generating static websites with wiki-like links from a source directory. Statim is designed so that it has minimal dependencies at runtime.

Why another static site generator?

I wanted a super simple site generator that could be set up to generate my site every time I push to a git repository. In this can I can set up a hook that will run whenever the repository updates that will process the content directory and put it in my publicly served directory.

I also wanted it to run with very minimal dependencies. I don't want to have to worry about if Ruby or Perl are installed, and which versions of which libraries are available. I just want things to work.

Finally, I did it because it was simple and fun.

How it works

Put the statim.sh script in the a directory that also holds a content directory with the source of the website to generate. Then run it.

statim.sh $DIST_DIR

This will copy the files from content over to $DIST_DIR. It will also convert any markdown files (identified by files ending in .md or .markdown to html and add some wiki-style links.

The links are only generated between files in the same sub directory. Statim will look at each file, convert its name from an underscored version (i.e. some_file_name) to a camel cased version (i.e. SomeFileName) and then switch any occurences of that string within the same directory to a link to the generated HTML file. This happens both on markdown files that have been converted to HTML, and to HTML files that you add to content yourself. Be careful not to add links yourself that might cause statim to double-generate them (its not that smart yet).


Statim doesn't follow the same policy on dependencies when it comes to development. There are rake tasks that (obviously) require ruby and the :autotest task currently requires filewatcher and growl.


  • Remove the hardcoded markdown command and search multiple options to make the dependency list more forgiving.
  • Test on a system other than a Mac.