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SQL Teaching is an interactive tutorial for learning SQL. It is available on

SQL Teaching is MIT licensed - see the LICENSE file for more details.

It's easy to contribute levels to SQL Teaching.

The sqlteaching.js file contains a variable called levels.

This variable has the prompts and answers for each level.

It is an array of dictionaries (the order of the levels). In each dictionary, there are the following keys:

  • name: name shown on web page
  • short_name: identifier added to the URL
  • database_type: is passed into the load_database function, in order to determine the tables loaded
  • answer: the query that the user writes must return data that matches this value
  • prompt: what is shown to the user in that web page

And the following keys are optional:

  • required: Extra validation in the form of case-insensitive required strings
  • custom_error_message: If the validation fails, show this error message to the user


Alvaro Cervan came across this site as part of an open source Full Stack Web Development course, The Odin Project.

He loved this SQL interactive tutorial; it is by far the best resource that he has found. It is totally interactive and provides query examples with live results.

However, the UI looked very dated. In fact, when checking the commits, some are from 9 years ago, which explains this issue.

He then started a project to update the UI, redesign its structure, and add support for smaller devices.

Updated design using Pico.css

Re-design done by Alvaro Cervan


Old version


Image of Old Version


Image of Old Phone view

New Version


Image of New Version


Image of New Phone view