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Exterminate typos. Now.

typokiller screenshot

typokiller is a tool for finding and fixing typos in text files, from source code comments to documentation.

Currently supported input formats:

  • Go code
  • AsciiDoc files

Planned formats:

  • Pure text files
  • Markdown
  • Python docstrings and comments
  • Wikipedia dumps
  • Diff/patch files

Project's Background Story

Since you're here, you might be interested to know how this project was born. Go on and read the story behind typokiller.


Clone the repository:

$ git clone

Build and runtime requirements:

  • Proper Go environment (tested with Go 1.4.1, probably works with older versions)
  • Python 2.x (seems to work faster with PyPy)

It's recommended to install PyPy and use it inside a virtualenv.

Activate the virtualenv and run:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Build and install Go executable:

$ cd typokiller
$ go get ./...


The shortcut:

$ ./killtypos PATH ...

This will build and install typokiller, read the documentation of the Go packages in PATH(s), spellcheck it all, and present a terminal-based UI for fixing typos.

Integrate with find for great profit:

$ ./killtypos $(find /PATH/TO/GIT/REPO -type d -not \( -name .git -prune -o -name Godeps -prune \))

This will find typos in all directories under /PATH/TO/GIT/REPO (inclusive), ignoring anything under .git and Godeps.

typokiller also supports an additional format: AsciiDoc. You can use it to fix typos in documentation or generally files in the AsciiDoc format:

$ ./killtypos --format=adoc $(find /PATH/TO/GIT/REPO -type d -not \( -name .git -prune \))

You can also use the parts separately for debugging or integration with other UNIX tools:

# normal usage:
$ typokiller read /PATH/TO/GO/PKG | ./ | typokiller fix

# inspect spellcheck results manually:
$ typokiller read /PATH/TO/GO/PKG | ./ | ./ | less

# limit number of packages:
$ typokiller read /PATH/TO/GO/PKG | head -n 20 | ./ | ./ | less
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