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.NET Developers Group Frankfurt

.NET Developers Group Frankfurt

If you are interested in software development, and specifically .NET development then this group is for you. Anyone who'd like to meet other developers, regardless of his/her skill level, is welcome to our group.

Our aim is to gather people interested on entrepreneurship networking interest with enabling technologies (e.g. mobile smartphone/tablet programming and silverstripe driven CMS) and unconventional challenges.

This is a multi-disciplinary networking to spin off new ideas and new collaborations. We have members of different Frankfurt meetup groups have confirmed to take part to join this event.

If you are interested to do a short presentation, we have beamer and you only need to bring your USB stick to upload your presentation. Please coordinate with us so we can arrange who will be selected for the presentations of each event.

In parallel to this event, there is an international potluck. If you are interested to join, you are expected of a small donation. In addition, we organize the drinks and the location (disposable silverware and plates etc). Thus a small donation will be suggested for each drinks, which will include tea, coffee, wine and water.

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