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on-demand perf testing service for 3rd-party FirefoxOS apps
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eddy is an on-demand performance testing service intended for 3rd-party packaged FirefoxOS apps.

Apps are downloaded from the Firefox Marketplace, and tested on a B2G phone with Marionette installed, right now a single unagi running:


# create a virtualenv and activate it
virtualenv -p python2.6 env
. env/bin/activate

Run commandline/dev tool:

# make sure adb is on your path
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/android-platform-tools
./eddy appname

You can run eddy with no arguments (or --help) to see all options:

./eddy --help

Or, run the web service (in standalone/dev mode):


See eddy.wsgi if you want to run this from a WSGI server (Apache, etc)

Jobs can be queued by passing the name of the application in the marketplace, such as:

curl -X POST -d 'appname=stopwatch-1' 'http://localhost:5000/perf/startup'

A task ID is returned, which can be used to query the status of a job:


Or, to see if a test job for the app in question has already been queued:


The web service will push tasks into a queue using celery, which supports multiple backends. To actually run the test jobs on the phone, you must configure celery (see and make sure it can connect to a supported backend.

By default, eddy will try to connect to a local RabbitMQ install. Mac (homebrew) users can install it like this:

brew install rabbitmq

Then run at least one celery worker:

# make sure adb is on your path
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/android-platform-tools
# NOTE - one job per worker (i.e. per phone), and send events
celery -A tasks worker -c 1 -E --loglevel=info