Vagrant setup for etherpad-lite
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This project will use vagrant and puppet to 
install a complete etherpad-lite (
environment in a local VM.


1) Install the latest Virtualbox from 

2) Install vagrant from

3) Clone etherpad-lite and add etherpad-vagrant as submodule

$ git clone
$ cd etherpad-lite
$ git submodule add

4) build VM and provision with puppet

$ cd ./etherpad-vagrant
$ vagrant up

5) Add to /etc/hosts:	etherpad

6) Enjoy your Etherpad environment!

dashboard:      http://etherpad

You can modify files directly in the checkout on the host machine.
Here are some common vagrant operations:

SSH into your VM:
$ vagrant ssh

Re-run puppet
$ vagrant provision

Reboot VM and re-run puppet
$ vagrant reload

Destroy VM and rebuild from scratch
$ vagrant desroy && vagrant up