The OSGi Test Suite runs all JUnit tests in a given list of bundles
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Automated OSGi Test Suite

Build Status Version EPL licensed

The OSGi Test Suite is a JUnit test runner that lets you specify a list of bundles and runs all tests contained in these bundles. The test runner is provided as a bundle itself so that it can be easily consumed from OSGi projects.


Annotate a class with @RunWith(BundleTestSuite.class) and @TestBundles({"bundle.1", ...}). When you run this class, it will run all the tests in all the bundles. A test class is identified by its name. By default all public classes whose names end with 'Test' are considered test classes.

For example:

@RunWith( BundleTestSuite.class )
@TestBundles( { "org.example.bundle1", "org.example.bundle2" } )
public class MasterTestSuite {

The MasterTestSuite will execute all '*Test' classes from bundle1 and bundle2.

If the default strategy to identify test classes is not suitable, it can be overridden with the @ClassnameFilters({"filterExpression", ...}) annotation. The list of regular expressions is used match test class names that should be included and excluded.

For Example:

@RunWith( BundleTestSuite.class )
@TestBundles( { "org.example.bundle1", "org.example.bundle2" } )
@ClassnameFilters( { ".*IntegrationTest", "!.*FooIntegrationTest" } )
public class IntegrationTestSuite {

The example runs all test cases in bundle1 and bundle2 that are named with the postfix IntegrationTest but exclude those with the postfix FooIntegrationTest.

Optionally, a no match policy can be defined that determines what happens if no test classes can be found in one or more of the specified bundles. Available choices are IGNORE (do nothing), WARN (write a message to the console), and FAIL (abort test execution by throwing an exception).

For example:

@RunWith( BundleTestSuite.class )
@TestBundles( value = "org.example.bundle", noMatchPolicy = NoMatchPolicy.FAIL )
public class MasterTestSuite {

In order to remain backward compatibility with previous versions, the default value is IGNORE.

Download & Integration

The p2 repository

contains a feature with a single bundle. Add this to your target platform.

In order to use the BundleTestSuite, Require-Bundle or Package-Import the bundle/package com.codeaffine.osgi.testsuite. In addition an implementation of the OSGi specification Release 5 (tested with Eclipse Equinox 3.8), JUnit 4.8 or later, and a JRE version 1.5 or later is required.


The code is published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0.