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ForgeUpgrade aims to propose a convenient way to perform automated upgrade of a Forge.

See the spec on


As of today, only Codendi db driver is developed. Before being able to use migration tool, you must initialize the database (TODO: use ForgeUpgrade to install itself):

  • execute db/install-mysql.sql
  • set CODENDI_LOCAL_INC to the path toward your codendi file

then, all your migrations commands will looks like: php forgeupgrade.php --dbdriver=examples/CustomDrivers/ForgeUpgrade_Db_Driver_Codendi.php ...


The command line tool now allows to select where to look for migration scripts:

$> php forgeupgrade.php --path=tests/_fixtures/CoreAndPlugins --include="db/updates" check-update

This will look for migrations in "tests/_fixtures/CoreAndPlugins" subdirectory but only in "db/updates" subpath. It will match: tests/_fixtures/CoreAndPlugins/src/db/updates/... tests/_fixtures/CoreAndPlugins/plugins/foobar/db/updates/...

Usage example

$> php forgeupgrade.php
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,781 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Pre Up] Run pre up checks
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,787 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Pre Up] OK : AddTablesForDocmanWatermarking
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,789 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Pre Up] SKIP: AddDateColumnToItem depends on a migration not already applied
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,790 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Pre Up] Global: OK
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,791 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] Start running migrations...
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,791 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] AddTablesForDocmanWatermarking
Add tables to docman pdf watermarking plugin in order to
allow admins to disable watermarking on selected documents.
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,792 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] AddTablesForDocmanWatermarking PreUp OK
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,792 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - Add table plugin_docmanwatermark_item_excluded
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,796 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - plugin_docmanwatermark_item_excluded already exists
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,797 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - Add table plugin_docmanwatermark_item_excluded_log
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,800 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - plugin_docmanwatermark_item_excluded_log already exists
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,801 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] AddTablesForDocmanWatermarking Up OK
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,807 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] AddTablesForDocmanWatermarking Done
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,807 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] AddDateColumnToItem
Add column to DocmanWatermarking table.
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,810 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] AddDateColumnToItem PreUp OK
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,811 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] AddDateColumnToItem Up OK
Wed Apr 14 18:01:40 2010,812 [30794] INFO ForgeUpgrade - [Up] AddDateColumnToItem Done

Dedicated db driver

Instead of writing down your db credentials in the config.ini file, you can develop your own db driver that will be able to read your application db config file.

This allows to keep these sensitive informations in only one place (more secure and avoid the changes).

To develop your own driver, just create a file that inherits from ForgeUpgrade_Db_Driver_Abstract. The file must be named after the class name plus .php extension. For instance: ForgeUpgrade_Db_Driver_Codendi & ForgeUpgrade_Db_Driver_Codendi.php

Then, just use --dbdriver= option with the path of the file to use as driver

You can have a look at examples/CustomDrivers/ForgeUpgrade_Db_Driver_Codendi.php for more details

How to manage target application plugins

You might face a situation where you application comes with plugins that are delivered with the application but not installed. In this case, you should not apply buckets on the plugins (it would break). As ForgeUpgrade as no information about the application it cannot see in the application DB if the plugin is installed or not.

To avoid to apply buckets on non installed plugin, you should describe in your config.ini the list of path ForgeUpgrade should take care and only reference the path of installed plugins. Example: Codendi with only ldap and forumml plugins (there are more than 10 other plugins available by default):


In this case, the target application should take care to modify the config.ini in order to add the path of each installed plugin and to remove them on plugin uninstall. In the very same spirit, on plugin install, it should trigger a --record-only call with the plugin path

Write a bucket