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1 Librement is a platform to help:
2 - free software developers who want to fund their free software work
3 - free software projects which want to raise money
5 The platform provides multiple services (highly engaging donation widgets,
6 bookstores, etc.) that each project/developer can setup in a few minutes.
7 The platform takes care of all the administrative work (accounting...)
8 and lets you concentrate on your free software work.
10 Raising money is a subtle mix of marketing and providing value to users
11 (both individuals and companies) that's hard to achieve. The ready-to-use
12 services provided by Librement build up on the experience of people who
13 managed to raise significant amounts of money for free software projects.
15 The marketing associated to the various services help to build a lasting
16 relationship with users so that they become regular donators. If librement
17 ever gets successful, thanks to an interesting network effect, it will be
18 easier for a given project/developer to gain new donators that are already
19 using librement (but in the context of another project/developer).
21 is run by me (Raphaël Hertzog) under the umbrella of
22 my company (Freexian SARL, I truly believe that
23 such a funding platform can be successful but we need to avoid
24 fragmentation. As such, I highly encourage you to not setup alternative
25 platforms based on this code.
27 You're however more than welcome to submit improvements and fixes so
28 that the service suits your needs!
30 -- Raphaël Hertzog
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