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The donation service
-.. note:: To be specified.
+Convincing people to donate is hard. But it's easier if there's
+some transparency in the donation process (public list of donors)
+and if there are clear goals to the donation (financial targets and
+concrete use of the corresponding money). Adding a time limit also
+helps to convince donors to donate now instead of postponing it to
+Librement's donation service make it easy to host effective donation
+drives with multiple widgets that you can embed on your own website.
+Within the donation service, developers can manage any number of donation
+trackers. A donation tracker defines the specifics of the donation drive
+(limited in time or not, financial target, whether the list of donors is
+public, etc.) and contains all the details of donations and donators. It
+has a unique identifier for reference purpose.
+List of donation trackers
+The main screen of the donation service lists all the active donation
+trackers with the following information:
+* name of the donation tracker
+* type of the donation tracker (permanent, time limited)
+* start datetime
+* end datetime (can be unset)
+* target (can be unset)
+* period (only for permanent donation trackers)
+* amount raised
+ * in time limited campaigns: total amount raised
+ * in permanent campaigns: amount raised in the current period
+Clicking on the name of a donation tracker brings you to a screen
+with details of the donations recorded in this tracker. The list also
+contains shortcut links to the various operations that can be done
+on each tracker (see further for details).
+The main screen also offers a button to create a new donation tracker.
+Edition / creation of a donation tracker
+This page contains a big form with many parameters describing the
+donation tracker:
+* its name (required)
+* its type (required)
+ * permanent
+ * time-limited
+* its start datetime (defaults to now, required, can be hidden for
+ permanent campaigns)
+* its end datetime (default to unset, required for time limited campaigns)
+* its period (day, week, month, quarter, semester, year)
+ (visible and required only for permanent campaigns, unset for time
+ limited campaigns)
+* its currency: EUR, USD, etc. (required)
+* its target: the amount of money to raise (optional)
+* whether to publish the list of donors (checkbox, boolean)
+* a thank you URL: a URL where the user is redirected after having
+ completed a donation (optional)
+Operations on donation trackers
+Many operations are possible on donation trackers:
+* close the tracker: this is done by setting its end datetime to a date in
+ the past
+* add a manual donation: record a donation that happened outside of the
+ donation form (because it happened in real life, or because the donor
+ used a payment system not offered by Librement)
+* add a thank-you email: configure a custom email to be sent back to
+ donors that left their email (or where we got it through the payment
+ system)
+* get HTML for widgets: retrieve HTML code to embed Librement widgets
+ in a website
+Details of a donation tracker
+Hosted donation page
+HTML widgets

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