Perform tasks based on text from a given stream (hope to include email, twitter, and maybe even IM like jabber/irc/slack)
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Not ready for people to use, still experimenting would love help

Accept text, possibly from a stream, and parse for commands to then execute. For each command found, that command should be run through an array of parsers. Commands should be extracted from the message body. Commands/Parsers should be run sequentially so the message body may be modified in the process -- similar to express/connect style functions.


npm install taskbot

Initial Spec

  • taskbot:
    • accepts:
      • messages as text/plain
      • messages as streams
      • messages as buffers
    • commands
      • # as inline command
      • consider adding parsing via commander (somehow)
      • can accept list (considering similar to yaml list)
      • get sent through different parsers based on command name or regex
        • analogous with express routes
      • are filtered out of text body automatically
        • make toggle for this in initialization object
    • parsers
      • parses commands through array of parsers
      • each parser is triggered on a keyword/command

#Additional Ideas

  • post message receive hook: If I am sending emails at x time, run task y
  • add headers to messages for things like webpages and emails
  • add some email parser from npm, I don't want to split and decode email bodies on my own
  • add html to txt email converter to prevent issues


Yes please. Select an issue/todo and pull request.