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oVirt Engine Remote DB

  • install and configure PostgreSQL server on machine (latest from repository)

  • create necessary roles and databases for engine and DWH (based on variables)

  • update firewalld and iptables (based on service present)

  • if PostgreSQL server is already installed then create only roles and databases

Target systems

  • database


Preinstalled clean environment with configured repositories.

Role Variables

# vars for PostgreSQL
ovirt_engine_remote_db_port: PostgreSQL port for listening (default: 5432)
ovirt_engine_remote_db_listen_address: Listen address (default '*')

ovirt_engine_remote_db: [yes, no] Create engine database
ovirt_engine_dwh_remote_db: [yes, no] Create DWH database

# vars for databases and roles
ovirt_engine_db_name: DB name for ovirt-engine (default: 'engine')
ovirt_engine_db_user: DB user which can access ovirt-engine DB (default: 'engine')
ovirt_engine_db_password: password for user of ovirt-engine DB
ovirt_engine_dwh_db_name: DB name for ovirt-engine-dwh (default: 'ovirt_engine_history')
ovirt_engine_dwh_db_user: DB user which can access ovirt-engine-dwh DB (default: 'ovirt_engine_history')
ovirt_engine_dwh_db_password: password for user of ovirt-engine DB

ovirt_engine_remote_db_access:  # configure access to engine remote DBs
    type: host / local
    address:   # mask for host, omitted for local
    method: md5 / trust / ident / peer

ovirt_engine_remote_db_vacuum: [True, False] True if set db configuration for
  vacuum feature (default: True)
ovirt_engine_remote_db_vacuum_config: Default postgresql cofiguration for
  vacuum feature. See default varibles in defaults/main.yml

ovirt_engine_remote_db_force: [True, False] If engine or DWH database already exists -
  True: drop them and create clean ones, False: playbook will fail with error. (default: False)

ovirt_engine_remote_db_dump: Path to sql dump of engine database on local machine
ovirt_engine_remote_db_dwh_dump: Path to sql dump of DWH database on local machine


  • oVirt.repositories - this is only a must on ovirt > 4.1

Example Playbook


Author Information

Petr Kubica