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A open source structure-from-motion program based on OpenMVG.
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This is the source repository of Regard3D, an open source structure-from-motion program based on OpenMVG. Please find the documentation on the Regard3D homepage.


The Regard3D source code is released under the MIT license. The numerous third-party libraries have other licenses, please see there.

Version history

Version 1.0.0, 14.03.2019:

  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 1.4
  • Upgraded to OpenCV 4.0
  • Added new Incremental pipeline of OpenMVG
  • GPS information can be used now

Version 0.9.4, 04.01.2018:

  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 1.3
  • Added SMVS as new densification tool
  • Added new algorithms for pairwise feature matching: KGraph, MRPT

Version 0.9.3, 15.09.2017:

  • Added user-defined camera sensor width database, added ability to set focus length
  • Added possibility to set camera model (Pinhole with various distortions, among them Fisheye)
  • Removed PCL (point cloud library) as a dependency
  • Fixed issue #9, JPEGs with EXIF data about camera orientation

Version 0.9.2, 19.08.2017:

  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 1.2, AssImp 4.0.1
  • Added Fast-AKAZE, TBMR keypoint detectors
  • Bugfix: Export of textured surfaces now works again (Issue #4)

Version 0.9.1, 01.02.2017:

  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 1.1
  • Third-party programs (MVE, PoissonRecon) up to date

Version 0.9.0, 15.10.2015:

  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 0.9.0
  • Third-party programs (MVE, PoissonRecon) up to date
  • Mac: OpenMP-enabled build

Version 0.8.0, 30.06.2015:

  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 0.8.1
  • Changed multithreading in compute matches step

Version 0.7.1, 12.05.2015:

  • Fixed bug when using CMVS
  • Improved speed of Windows version
  • Added multithreading in computing matches on Mac OS X (using TBB)
  • Surfaces with textures (OBJ file format) are now loaded with AssImp
  • "Export to CMPMVS" renamed to "Export to external MVS", MeshRecon format added

Version 0.7.0, 28.04.2015

Initial version, based on OpenMVG 0.7

System requirements

  • Windows 7 or newer, 64 bit edition
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
  • OpenGL capable graphics card/chip

Documentation, building

For documentation and building instructions, see the Regard3D homepage.

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