Scripts for a magstripe door mechanism
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Raspberry Pi powered door opener

Using a USB HID magstripe reader for authentication

Code for converting USB HID codes, capturing control of the magstripe reader, etc is used from jness.

I added some code to load the HID codes from json files, and for validating cards in, and for storing card hashes in

This repo also contains scripts for installing to /opt/magstripe on the Raspberry Pi, installing python dependancies, and for installing a crontab so will run at boot.


  • Raspberry pi (I am using arch linux ARM on mine)
  • Common servo (needs to be able to sweep about 170 degrees, and fit a wheel)
  • Servo wheel, cut a groove in it with a lathe that thread will lie in. Then drill a hole on its surface to put the thread through.
  • Door handle, connect the thread through the handle so that when the servo turns, the know is pulled down.
  • Green and red led with a common ground for indicator light.
  • Female to male jumpers for wiring everything up.
  • Two 5v power supplies, one for the servo and one for the raspberry pi. I have them wired with DC jacks on the case.
  • Project box to fit it all
  • (optional) Magnetic switches to tell if the door is open. They are used so that an irc bot can tell the state of the door. They are wired to 1/8" mono audio jacks on the case.