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Fix grubby traceback on fresh F17 system (#872088)

bootloader.default_entry() causes a traceback if your grub2.cfg has:

  set default="${saved_entry}"

which is the F17 default, apparently. But we don't need to check the
default entry for anything except debugging, so.. just drop those lines.
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1 parent b35a82d commit 7f2f2f14065306f9eaafc83651ac2e511cf4cbdb @wgwoods wgwoods committed Nov 2, 2012
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@@ -297,8 +297,6 @@ def setup_upgraderoot():
def modify_bootloader(kernel, initrd):"reading bootloader config")
bootloader = Grubby()
- default = bootloader.default_entry()
-"default boot entry: \"%s\", %s", default.title, default.root)
# avoid duplicate boot entries
for e in bootloader.get_entries():

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