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Rhiot - the messaging platform for the Internet Of Things

Rhiot itself is no more maintained. Instead it was migrated into two projects:

Rhiot is a messaging platform for the Internet Of Things. We are focused on an adoption of the Red Hat JBoss middleware portfolio to provide solutions to the common IoT-related challenges.


Here you can find the reference documentation for the Rhiot.

Current release


The latest and the greatest version of the Rhiot is 0.1.4. Wondering what's new there? Here are the release notes.


You're more than welcome to join our Rhiot mailing list. We are also present on the #rhiot IRC channel at Freenode and twitter @rhiot_io


GitHub issues

You can create new issue, bug, comment here.

Build status

Build Status

If you want to build the project yourself, read this document.


License ASF

The Rhiot project is distributed under the Apache 2.0 Software License.