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Tic Tac Toe game created to spec as first project for General Assembly Boston's Web Development Immersive program. See requirements for more details.

Want to play without signing up? Log in using the email address a@a.a and the password a.

Want to read about my development process? Check out my blog post about Week 3 of General Assembly.

Basic features

  • authentication (backed by a Rails API): register, log in, change password, log out
  • a clickable game board
  • a button to start a new game
  • a stats tracker that displays user's total wins, losses, and tied games
  • "win" display that indicates winner (x/o) or tie game
  • turn tracker that indicates which player goes next

Technologies used

Planning and development process

For more details, read my blog post


I started by looking at mobile game apps for design inspiration (particularly those designed by Tic-Tac-Toe is a pretty simple game at its core, and I wanted to explore what other fairly streamlined or minimalist games had done to keep gameplay straightforward but also somewhat elegant.

With respect to design, I made mobile wireframes first, and then expanded to larger screen wireframes. On the back end, I put together a tentative data model. I also developed a series of user stories to help guide feature development.


I focused on functionality first. I began with authentication: sign up, log in, log out, and change password. Once that was working, I created a very basic game board in my index.html file and added a "new game" button that, when clicked, sends a POST request to the API to create a new game. Once I was able to create a new game, I began building the "click a cell to mark it with an x or an o in the DOM" functionality, then tied this to the PATCH requests I needed to send to the API to update the game on the server. After connecting the DOM interaction with calls to the API, I built a series of functions to check the necessary win conditions, identify the winner, and send a PATCH request to the server to end the game.

After this basic functionality was in place, I spent some time on the UI, adjusting what's visible on the screen in different states (before/after logging in, during game play, etc.), moving success and error messages from console.log() statements to elements in the DOM, laying out the template, and choosing colors and fonts.

I then briefly went back to functionality, adding the ability to get the authenticated user's total completed games and calculate their wins, losses, and tied games and a tracker that indicates whose turn it is.

After this, most of the work was making tweaks to the UI, refactoring the code in an attempt to make it cleaner/more straightforward, and bug fixing.

Cool things I learned along the way

  • How to make a sticky footer
  • How to pass additional data to AJAX callback functions
  • It's embarrassingly easy to keep reverting to "x and y" instead of "x and o." This will cause you at least an hour of distress when building a tic-tac-toe game.

Next steps

  • I'd like to rethink my overall approach to separating the JavaScript code into functions and files. It still feels a little scattered to me, and I hope that as my skills as a developer grow, I'll be able to shape it into something more clean and efficient.
  • I'd particularly like to revisit my method for checking whether a game has been won. This currently takes up around 60 lines of code, and I think there are better ways to go about this.
  • Make the game multiplayer, with the ability to connect two authenticated users as opponents.
  • Let the user change the color scheme.
  • Super cool would be to implement this version of the game, which uses nine game boards (one board in what is normally an empty square in a basic tic-tac-toe game) and has a more complex set of rules. The provided API isn't really set up for this, but I might be able to figure out a way to sort of hack this together using localStorage. This is currently set to "iff I somehow figure out how to do everything else on the bonus list before my time is up" goal status.
  • Add chat functionality.