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Element does not esist in DOM IE error #15

dk4210 opened this Issue · 21 comments

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Hello Guys,
I am having an issue IE 8 and 9. When I reload the page the scroller works fine but I get the error message "Element does not exist in DOM!" . Any one know how to troubleshoot this error in IE?


If you can provide some example code I'll take a closer look. I can't seem to recreate the problem this end.

But if it is otherwise working you can take out lines 21-30 from jquery.ticker.js as a quick and dirty fix.



I can reproduce this in Internet Explorer 6.
I removed the code checking for this and seems to work but there is another error later.

36: var tagType = $(this).get(0).tagName;

It returns null.


I am having the same issue, but only on IE 7 "Element does not exist in DOM!", once I click on OK it works fine ... works fine on all other browsers and IE version - bizarre - any ideas ?


I had this. It's when the dom element doesn't exist eg; $("#idontexist).ticker();

I wouldn't expect a plugin to alert like this, just silently fail


Any news on a workaround for this?


See my comment above for a work around. Will hopefully get some time soon for a proper fix.


Ah yes, thanks!


I also disabled the error message but I think this is happening when the controls are disabled. It's the only difference I can see between the developer's demo and my test site.


This problem happens when dom element doesn't exist eg; $("#idontexist).ticker(); as pointed out by GarethElms.
Just check like this to solve the issue
if ($("#idontexist").length > 0) { $("#idontexist).ticker(); }

This just checks whether the dom element exist before calling the ticker() function
Hope this helps someone in future.


I'm having this same problem on my site. I have almost no JS ability what so ever. I bought this template from a site... Can you be more specific about how I implement the solution above? I can see the lines of code that are being discussed, I just don't get exactly where your line

------ if ($("#idontexist").length > 0) { $("#idontexist).ticker(); } ------

Should be placed?


Not getting that error anymore, but site still doesn't work in IE; Does anyone know of a responsive template that will still work on older versions of IE? Current site is at is basically same site without redirect in place. I put their old site at and then redirect IE9 and earlier to that version, but there has to be a better way to do this, right? Or at least a way where I don't have to update two sites?


Paste the following code into the new text document:

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