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  • Usually floods are followed by the outbreak of several water borne diseases. This is the cause of most deaths in case of floods. This project is designed to help reduce the spread of such endemic diseases, by proactively creating awareness through low tech initiative like paper and later through ivr and sms

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  • ShabdaKosh-Hindi-Learners

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  • safe spaces where kids can go and ask questions about gender and sex

    CSS Updated Apr 22, 2015
  • This is a library built to geo-tag manuscripts that only carry address and not lat long

    Java Updated Apr 22, 2015
  • A platform where complaints and feedbacks could be provided on the airports, specially immigration related issues.

    HTML Updated Apr 22, 2015
  • Talking keyboard is a project to create affordable keyboards to train visually impaired for using computers

    Java Updated Mar 30, 2015
  • Is a visualisation attempt at the season watch data for tree blooms

    Updated Dec 21, 2014
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