This module contains an implementation of the Nilsimsa locality-sensitive hashing algorithm in Java.
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##What is this? The nilsimsa module is an implementation of an existing locality-sensitive hashing algorithm designed specifically to handle spam filtering. LSH is a method of performing probabilistic dimension reduction of high-dimensional data. The basic idea is to hash the input items so that similar items are mapped to the same buckets with high probability (the number of buckets being much smaller than the universe of possible input items). This is different from conventional hash functions, such as those used in cryptography, because in this case the goal is to maximize the probability of a collision of similar items rather than avoid collisions.

As per the original description here:

A nilsimsa code is something like a hash, but unlike hashes, a small change in the message results in a small change in the nilsimsa code. Such a function is called a locality-sensitive hash.




compile "com.github.rholder:nilsimsa:1.0.0"

##Quickstart A minimal sample of some of the functionality would look like:

String first  = new Nilsimsa().update("potatoes are the best".getBytes()).toHexDigest();
String second = new Nilsimsa().update("tomatoes are really the best".getBytes()).toHexDigest();
String third  = new Nilsimsa().update("bananas taste pretty good".getBytes()).toHexDigest();

System.out.println(, third));   //   3
System.out.println(, third));  //  -6
System.out.println(, second));  //  53 -- closest match
System.out.println(, first));   // 128 -- exact match

##Building from source The nilsimsa module uses a Gradle-based build system. In the instructions below, ./gradlew is invoked from the root of the source tree and serves as a cross-platform, self-contained bootstrap mechanism for the build. The only prerequisites are Git and JDK 1.6+.

check out sources

git clone git://

compile and test, build all jars

./gradlew build

install all jars into your local Maven cache

./gradlew install

##License This project is a Java port of py-nilsimsa which is MIT/X11 licensed. The nilsimsa module is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.