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Sample Contact App for use with Rhoconnect.NET plugin
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RhoconnectNET_MVC4_App Sample

Sample of complete ASP.NET MVC4 Contact back-end application.


  • .NET 4 framework
  • Git
  • ASP.NET MVC4 framework.
  • Visual Studio 2010

The application uses an embedded in-memory database (Contacts.sdf). Using the in-memory database means there is no need to setup and run a separate database server for this application.

To run this application, build it in Visual Studio, create a deployment package (using Project --> Build Deployment Package). Then, deploy it on the Microsoft's IIS server to run.

Additionally, this repo contains ContactsApp_final project, which has all the completed code that is necessary for integration with Rhoconnect. You can just use the it (you will still need to modify the set_app_point with your app endpoints and add the RhoconnectNET library reference to your project.)

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