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add doc about rhoconfig.txt params for Map services

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6 doc/device-caps.txt
@@ -1482,6 +1482,12 @@ Annotations - array of map annotation objects (list of pins on the map). Annotat
* image_y_offset - int vertical coordinate of image anchor (ancor point placed to annotation point on map). Set image height/2 for center
* pass_location - then true, location coordinates added to url in the format:
+Map settings in rhoconfig.txt :
+* ESRI_map_url_roadmap - URL of ESRI roadmap tile map server (example: '')
+* ESRI_map_url_satellite - URL of ESRI satellite tile map server (example: '')
+* OSM_map_url_roadmap - URL of OSM tile map server (example: '')
Enable file caching for map tiles - file cache can use for offline map browsing:
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