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Tired of seing white bars around your splash screen image on Android? With this little fix you can set the background color to match your splash screen. Here the color is set to black. Android uses the ARGB hex codes. The first 2 letters are for opacity, then the next 6 are your background color.

genywind and others added some commits Oct 2, 2012
@genywind genywind sync: fix deadlock a576376
@genywind genywind sync: fix warning be9dda4
@genywind genywind re: add licensed extension - rho-javascript 5f9a27c
@genywind genywind rhosim: support javascript-api eb19982
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy mac_rhosim_autocommit 9dfe10e
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy win_rhosim_autocommit de10ee5
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy win_rhosim_autocommit 45caf13
@genywind genywind Revert "wm: move init rhodes app before browser window - strange CE i…

This reverts commit 60d791d.
@genywind genywind Revert "wm: support getProcessID"
This reverts commit 91830f1.
@genywind genywind Revert "wm: rollback rhoelements exception"
This reverts commit 6fda837.
@genywind genywind Revert "wm: fix issue with rhoelements and native apps"
This reverts commit cebe920.
@genywind genywind Revert "wm: add init webapp method"
This reverts commit 30ec9a7.
@genywind genywind Revert "1. Copy the file NEON\R2D1\Build\Windows\WebKit\OutProcessWK.…
…exe to the same location as PBEngine_WK.dll"

This reverts commit 36e6cdb.
@genywind genywind Revert "MotoWebKit: Integration of Out-Of-Process Engine solution wit…
…h Rhodes"

This reverts commit dcd2ba8.
@dmitrys dmitrys fix RawSensors fire event issue on iOS a883150
@genywind genywind wm: fix moto webkit issue af0e815
@genywind genywind Merge branch 'master' of 6254e22
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy mac_rhosim_autocommit d112d95
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy win_rhosim_autocommit 816116c
@genywind genywind bb: fix callbacks issue e2a05d8
@genywind genywind bb: support push_type in clientregister 4c70b18
@genywind genywind bb: fix build d7825ff
@genywind genywind bb: fix signature capture e563c74
@dmitrys dmitrys add AudioCapture extension 47849d1
@genywind genywind iphone, android: make rawsensors and audio capture licensed features 87c12e8
anton vishnevski stub for wp8 00cc8e5
anton vishnevski fix compile for wp8 f2c1440
anton vishnevski fix compile for wp8 c3135c4
anton vishnevski fix build for wp8 c0cbb0f
anton vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of 9e1883f
@timashev timashev new branded loading screen in application template 4ddb95f
anton vishnevski add link options 9f1cb3c
@dmitrys dmitrys fix RawSensors update period d1a7755
anton vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of 7a6de58
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff iphone: fix sync in background 8b54f2e
@timashev timashev wm & win32: System.set_http_proxy_url implemented & documented 7bcd82a
anton vishnevski final fix linker issuew 7772ca5
anton vishnevski fix linker issues wiht sync server 21d4b23
anton vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of d7c2883
anton vishnevski fix build error for wp8 0da21a0
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff android: fix activity restart on hw keyboard slide (ZD 2704) 6435039
Anton Vishnevski fix build for iphome dcf3456
@genywind genywind wm: fix minimize and restore window 4af59e8
@timashev timashev win32: build fix 5064fbd
@dmitrys dmitrys fix audiocapture and rawsensors ed95d0f
@dmitrys dmitrys add default valut for duration in AudioCapture extension db60b87
@dmitrys dmitrys fix iOS build a66e4cb
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff docs: enable "sdcard" capability to allow writing custom log file. bae3a1a
anton vishnevski fix running ruby VM e1a9b95
@timashev timashev win32: System.set_http_proxy_url complete implementation ea29f7d
@rognar rognar added basic rake tasks fow wp8
implemented rhodes's content deploying to WP8 emulator\device
@rognar rognar changed output directory 8591b89
@rognar rognar added new version of sqlite3 for winrt 8c06480
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy win_rhosim_autocommit e63f34d
@genywind genywind fix racing issue in RhoThread cef3f63
anton vishnevski added init crittical section implementation 73e5f69
anton vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of e0c698b
@timashev timashev wm + win32 + rhosimulator/win32: System.unset_http_proxy() implemente…
…d & documented
@genywind genywind bb: support js-api 45016f1
@genywind genywind bb: fix camera out of bound exception cb49f90
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy mac_rhosim_autocommit d8837d5
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy win_rhosim_autocommit 74c88ef
Anton Vishnevski fix build for windows ce 7688de4
Anton Vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of bb83411
@genywind genywind doc: update log section 7a8fafb
anton vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of dc4d5b7
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: GCM-push extension db6375d
@genywind genywind bb: run ClientRegister thread only in case of capability push c313f32
anton vishnevski added log implementation for wp8 1d8aa48
@genywind genywind bb: remove file from build bc8dcbf
@genywind genywind Merge branch 'master' of 11cc961
anton vishnevski added crt secure no warrnings define c182a44
anton vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of 972701d
@genywind genywind wm: use license from build.yml 0ddaf72
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy Update License_rc.dll fb3aa8b
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy Update License_rc.dll 9fccd89
@timashev timashev wp8: MainWindow/WebView interface added 070db06
@genywind genywind wm: show license in case of IE b664e3c
@genywind genywind Update License_rc.dll 0905862
@dmitrys dmitrys find XCode in Application folder firstly 7bad5d1
@timashev timashev wp8: started MainWindow/WebView methods implementation c7d1476
@timashev timashev wp8: minor corrections 7497c8b
@timashev timashev wp8: better WebView.refresh impl 8e6fc7d
@larsburgess larsburgess fixing -> 270e539
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: Switch off all rhoelements log levels by default 6ad5b18
@timashev timashev wp8: several MainWindow/WebView methods implemented 37d9c1c
@dmitrys dmitrys fix iOS build - start simulator 8c9197d
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff android: support events on ICS 1c569a4
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff android: fix build fe21bb4
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: Fix gcm-push e8d16c8
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: Another gcm-push fix e254703
@genywind genywind spec: fix json test 1676d8a
@genywind genywind profiler: fix build.yml settings 741ffcd
@dmitrys dmitrys add authorization status request to Phonebook and Calendar. Add suppo…
…rt Authorization to access Phonebook and Calendar for iOS 6.0
Anton Vishnevski add generator for auto-completion stuff aa70cb6
Anton Vishnevski added class descriptions for autocomplete in rhostudio 1dd212a
Anton Vishnevski fix wrong add autocomplete folder in bundle b89e8c7
Anton Vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of 1e14cd2
@genywind genywind bb: support sync of modified models 69d450c
@genywind genywind wm: fix build 9373290
alex-epifanoff and others added some commits Nov 6, 2012
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff Merge branch 'master' into rhostore-url-fix
@dmitrys dmitrys fix iOS 5.0 crash in Calendar and Contacts f42b693
@davstrom davstrom restructuring the RhoConnect Push documentation 04e70be
@cfh463 cfh463 removed table from devcaps and pointed to api matrix 2588d77
@dmitrys dmitrys send cancel callback when user press back button in Camera view on An…
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff phone_spec: temporary commented hanging code on Android ( see D-01650…
… on V1 )
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff fix sql request crash 2ddd4fa
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: fix license for pure Rhodes build e085ee2
@cfh463 cfh463 added note for start path in rhoconfig.txt 7ff88f6
@cfh463 cfh463 Merge branch 'master' of cfc002e
@davstrom davstrom changes to Rhodes AsyncHttp API docs for example of proposed Rhodes A…
…PI documentation cleanup
@davstrom davstrom updated UI doc for linking to webview and datetimepicker API docs 90a1abf
@lexis-t lexis-t Fix rhodes path at template: top application's Rakefile 51dd901
@lexis-t lexis-t Move out webrick rolog server task from jake.rb e2d414f
@lexis-t lexis-t Andlroid: fix FileUtils.rm_f bcefcda
@davstrom davstrom updating docs: more rhodes API linking to rhodes development and vice…
… versa
@mmalinin mmalinin Android::Platform. fix phone book contacts information (missing phone…
…s) when using pages and offset is not zero.
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff phone_spec: fix SSL peer spec b034106
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff mspec: added JUnit formatter 7b959a6
@timashev timashev wm: detool fixes 46d48f6
@timashev timashev 'rake run:webrickrhologserver' fixed 024a8bb
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy spec/phone_spec/app/spec/rho_spec.rb: additional guard for "should pa…
…rse xml date" spec
@rognar rognar did fix for restore/minimize db2cac0
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy spec/framework_spec/app/spec/core/time/strftime_spec.rb: additinal gu…
…ard for daylight savings on iphone emulator
Brian Moore Fix icon loading with extensions when an extension overwrites the icons 2ba4911
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy spec/framework_spec/app/spec/core/time/shared/time_params.rb: spec is…
… fixed to avoid DST bug on iphone emulator
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy lib/build/jake.rb: faillog.txt is printed to rake console output bb92705
@timashev timashev wm: fix license check for specs f798261
@dmitrys dmitrys fix Barcode iOS issues:
- code field not editabel now (keyborad appera whn take_barcode)
- add beep sound when barcode recognized
@ziggythehamster ziggythehamster Tell the Android ManifestGenerator what orientation the user requeste…
…d in the application config.
@timashev timashev phone_spec: AsyncHttp & URI tests fixed 5cc9fc9
@dmitrys dmitrys fix iOS 6.0 POSIX process header including 62aabd7
@dmitrys dmitrys fix low performance issue after lost Bluetooth connect on WM platform 4a1e604
@davstrom davstrom updates to docs for Rhodes API linking 85786b0
@davstrom davstrom in docs, fixed code sample for send_log and show_log (RhoConfig to Rh…
@genywind genywind doc: update ruby version a3b3865
@lexis-t lexis-t Do not analyze rhoconfig push_options for push clients list + registe…
…r GCM push just after startup
@dipspb dipspb phone_spec: uri_spec now have URL fixed to open in a new window 57b460f
@dipspb dipspb unicode symbols in URI encoding has been fixed cd8b5d7
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff mspec: JUnit output first line empty fixed c0fb30a
@alex-epifanoff alex-epifanoff mspec: allow optional arguments for spec files 3619514
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy platform/android/build/android_tools.rb: command is added bac7668
@StanislavVolodarskiy StanislavVolodarskiy platform/android/build/android_tools.rb: install timeout is increased…
… to 300s (framework_spec on Win64 Virtual Box)
@genywind genywind wm: add ce7 platform 344631e
@genywind genywind Merge branch 'master' of 27890a1
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: auto-add gcm-push extension in case push capability 376c245
@genywind genywind wm: fix wince7 and wm 6.5.3 b03b004
@genywind genywind wm: wince7 : updates extensions fade4d1
@genywind genywind wince7: update digest-sha2 project 1249c64
@genywind genywind wince7 support debug dbea114
@genywind genywind wince7: fix tcmalloc e1ecc5d
@timashev timashev optional exclude_dir parameter added to run:wm:*_spec commands 4c44ba0
@timashev timashev framework_spec: file name case fixed for Windows Mobile 84d189a
@cfh463 cfh463 updated time format to be more clear in profiler section 6805677
@mmalinin mmalinin Framework: framework/rho/rhocontact.rb fix select function : forward …
…search keys to find function, enable multiple seach queries.

Source was reformatted. Select function passes list of keys to find
function to get more than default fileds (id and display name).  Bsearch
was replaced with keep_if (should be faster that sort-bsearch).
@timashev timashev wm: device emulator detection implemented 76dbc1a
@timashev timashev wm: phone_spec fixed to run on device emulator 2f722bf
@mmalinin mmalinin phone_spec: contacts_spec.rb add pagination tests
Test pagination (if contacts have additional fields like phone numbers
and email). Spec now creates 16 random contacts. Also it tests
@mmalinin mmalinin Android:phonebook move fillData before getCount e1e1f0f
@lexis-t lexis-t Server spec for Android GCM push af8f1cc
@genywind genywind wp8: fix build. use released SDK 36797ee
GCrean Update License_rc.dll 1fc953b
@mmalinin mmalinin Android:phonebook optimize pagination: quicksearch, fix potential bug…
… when datacursor could run to the end of table.
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: onActivityResult handler is added to IRhoListener a08ea91
@mmalinin mmalinin Merge branch 'master' of 8b6611b
@genywind genywind 3.5.1 CHANGELOG c9a7c11
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: work around adb stack after restart. Jake.get_process_list i…
…s implemented
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: fix how logs at Windows host df9e5c5
@genywind genywind wp8: implement file system support 03436ef
@genywind genywind wp8: comment File API methods 55694c6
@genywind genywind wp8: fix isatty 605615d
@davstrom davstrom docs: slight correction to the Adding Unit Tests section (model_spec.…
…rb in test folder, not model or spec folder)
@davstrom davstrom docs: correction to description for System.set_sleeping 123d29a
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: avoid to use direct reference to web view, use IRhoWebView i…
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: Clean up old GoogleWebView staff fdc7c72
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: Remove 'rhoelements' ext if 'native_browser' capability 33410e6
@timashev timashev win32 + rhosimulator/win+mac: back button & menu item behavior fixed …
…(plus cleaned up some code to remove compilation warnings)
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: Refactor IRhoExtension handlers to return status flag f22c8d7
@timashev timashev wp8: 'rake build:wp8:devrhobundle{Debug|Release}' fixed b43c97c
anton vishnevski fix load iseq file to wp8 device and fix wrong relative path to rhode…
…s framework filrs on the device
@mmalinin mmalinin iOS: DateTime picker clear seconds to zero 64a9486
@mmalinin mmalinin update gitignore: add some more iphone build paths ecd3b36
@genywind genywind api_generator: sample code 5f61e67
anton vishnevski implemented rho_native_rhopath 94450f7
anton vishnevski implements ansi version of charnext func 05657fb
anton vishnevski fix load iseq files & fix load framework 3979a62
anton vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of 1a0d449
@dmitrys dmitrys Fix issue with Bluetooth on WM: after lost connection application can…
… reconnect to device only by second connection
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: introduce common IRhoConfig and move RE config to separate e…
anton vishnevski fix load framework module 5bd3f2f
anton vishnevski Merge branch 'master' of 19ee0c7
@genywind genywind api_generator: use CMethodResult b610634
@mmalinin mmalinin Merge pull request #114 from rhomobile/contacts_spec-pagination-test
phone_spec: contacts_spec.rb add pagination tests
@mmalinin mmalinin async http spec: trim file for partial conent
Fix test for re-downloading file, content url was changed.
@lexis-t lexis-t Android: Add 32727df
nhinze Set Android splashscreen background color
Tired of seing white bars around your splash screen image on Android? With this little fix you can set the background color to match your splash screen. Here the color is set to black. Android uses the ARGB hex codes. The first 2 letters are for opacity, then the next 6 are your background color.
@lexis-t lexis-t was assigned Nov 23, 2013

This could be improved with Color.parseColor and a RhoConf setting.

@lexis-t lexis-t was unassigned by munisymbol Apr 27, 2016
@munisymbol munisymbol closed this Apr 27, 2016
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