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#RhoInstaller Build# ###Prerequisite gems building###

####1.rhodes gem

  • For rhodes gem creation, we need to build rhosimulator first. Follow Windows RhoSimulator Build Guidelines & Mac RhoSimulator Build Guidelines for building rhosimulator.
  • Clone rhodes repository
  • Open version file and update the required rhodes version to be build
  • Open cmd and navigate to rhodes repository
  • Run command rake gem
  • This will generate rhodes gem in the rhodes repository

####2.rhoconnect-client gem

  • Clone rhoConnect-client repository(if not cloned)
  • Navigate to RhoConnect-Client and rename 'config.yml.sample' to 'config.yml'
  • Ensure that, the path for rhodes and rhoconnect is correctly set in 'config.yml'
  • Modified the version file with version number.
  • Install the below gems if not installed
    • gem install listen --version 3.0.6
    • gem install rest-client
  • Open cmd and navigate to rhoconnect-client repository
  • Run rake gem:make_gem --trace command
  • This will generate rhoconnect-client gem in the RhoConnect-Client repository

####3.rhoconnect NOTE:- Linux or Mac Machine is requied for building this gem

  • Clone rhoconnect repository(if not cloned)
  • Run gem install bundler
  • Run bundle install
  • Open cmd and navigate to rhoconnect repository
  • Run rake build
  • This will generate rhoconnect gem in the rhoconnect repository

####4.rhoconnect-push NOTE:- Linux or Mac Machine is requied for building this gem

  • Clone rhoconnect-push repository
  • Open cmd and navigate to rhoconnect-push repository
  • Run make clean
  • Run make all
  • This will generate rhoconnect-push-x.y.z.tgz in the rhoconnect-push repository


  • Get rhoconnect-adaptor here


In case of getting Gem::Builder error on mac, run below command.

$ rvm install rubygems 1.8.24 --force

In case of getting Gem::Builder error on windows, run below command.

gem update --system 1.8.24	

##Step for rhoinstaller build on Windows## ###Prerequisite downloads

###Configuration sequence(strictly Follow steps as following)

  • Install JDK

  • Install Git

  • Install NSIS

  • Create a new Root directory which will contain all setups for build (e.g.-RhoInstaller_Build) and put all prerequisite downloaded file here.(Note: Make sure that the below steps are done in the same Root Folder.)

  • Clone rhostudio

  • Clone rhoinstaller

  • Clone rhodes-system-api-samples

  • Extract ruby-1.9.3-p551-i386 and rename it as ruby

  • Install devkit.exe in devkit folder explicitly providing the folder name devkit while installing it

    Note: It is mandatory to install and not to extract.

  • Extract eclipse 3.7.2 for rcp and rap developers

  • Extract deltapack 3.7.2 here such that it overwrites the eclipse

  • Create a folder called files and put all the gems that we have created by following above Prerequisite gems building instuctions. It will contain as mentioned below:

  • rhoconnect-x.y.z.gem

  • rhoconnect-adapters-x.y.z.gem

  • rhoconnect-client-x.y.z.v.gem

  • rhodes-x.y.z.v.gem

  • rhoconnect-push-x.y.z.tgz

Note:- x.y.z.v represents the latest gem's version built.

####Package directory Setup

  1. Navigate to rhoinstaller -> package directory.
  2. Create a folder named ***redis-2.4.0***.
  3. Now extract in some other location. Navigate to 32bit and copy all files and paste it outside (i.e. in extracted folder). Delete existing 32bit and 64bit folders. Now copy all contents and paste it in folder created redis-2.4.0 in package folder.
  4. Create a folder named ***make-3.81***.
  5. Install make-3.81.exe. Choose compact installation while installing it.
  6. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32.
  7. Copy all the folders except uninstall,doc,info and paste them to created folder ***make-3.81***.
  8. Navigate to package directory and put node-v0.12.7-x64.msi and git.exe
  9. Navigate to rhoconnect-push-service folder present inside package folder. And follow to note.txt.
  10. Navigate to rhoconnect-push folder present inside package folder and put node-v0.12.7-x64.msi and rhoconnect-push-x.y.z.tgz in that folder.
  • Open eclipse and create workspace in same root directory
  • Now install dltk to the eclipse using Help->Install New Software->Add->archive->attache file->Install
  • Import rhostudio to workspace
  • If error is as red exclamation in imported project ,select the JRE as 1.7 in properties->Java Build Path
  • Close the eclipse
  • Navigate to rhoinstaller->script ,open rhomobilesuite.nsi and replace all occurances of Git-1.7.6-preview20110708.exe with your downloaded git version that has been put inside package folder.
  • Open command promt. Navigate to directory rhoinstaller->Scripts

####Now run following commands together

set path <Full Qualified Path of Root Directory>\ruby\bin;C:\Windows\system32
rake installer:symbol fullbuild_installer_version= --trace

Note: you can specify your version accordingly

##Step for rhoinstaller build on MAC OSX##

###Download required files###

  1. Java Development Kit (JDK)1.7 64-bit

  2. Git source control manager

  3. Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo SR2) for RCP and RAP Developers (64-bit)

  4. Eclipse 3.7.2 delta pack

  5. DLTK SDK 4.0 for Eclipse

###Install & Configure Software###

  1. Install JDK 1.7 (64-bit)

  2. Install Git source control manager

  3. Create empty directory where you will build installer. It will be referred to as in this document.

  4. Clone rhoinstaller, rhostudio and rhodes-system-api-samples repositories into directory:

    $ cd <root>
    $ git clone
    $ git clone
    $ git clone
  5. Create <root>\files directory and place rhodes, rhoconnect and rhoconnect-adapters gems there.

  6. Place rhoconnect-push-.tgz into <root>\files.

  7. Extract Eclipse and delta pack archives into <root> directory.

    cd <root>
    tar -xzf <download_dir>/eclipse-rcp-indigo-SR2-macosx-cocoa-x86_64.tar.gz
    unzip -o <download_dir>/
  8. Configure Eclipse: Run Eclipse with command (always use absolute path as -data parameter): <root>/eclipse/eclipse -data <root>/workspace&

    • From menu select "Help"->"Install new software...".
    • Press "Add...".
    • Press "Archive...".
    • Point DLTK SDK archive.
    • Press "OK".
    • Mark "Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK)" and press "Next >".
    • Press "Next >" again.
    • Accept license and press "Finish".
    • Wait for the DLTK installation to finish.
    • Restart Eclipse from "Software Updates" dialog.
    • From menu select "File"->"Import...".
    • In list of import sources select "General"->"Existing Projects into Workspace", then press "Next >".
    • Press "Browse...".
    • Select <root>/rhostudio directory, press "Open".
    • Press "Finish".
    • Close Eclipse.

###Build Installer###

  1. Edit <root>\rhoinstaller\script\Rakefile file. You can tune following variables:

    $version           = ''
  2. Run build script:

    cd <root>/rhoinstaller/script
    rake installer:mac:make fullbuild_installer_version= --trace
  3. New installer can be found as <root>/RMS_*.dmg