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RHQ Project

RHQ Project (short 'RHQ') is a Framework and tool for systems management and monitoring. As such it allows to gather metrics from so called managed resources, alert on values of the metrics or state change and other conditions. RHQ is also able to provision new content onto managed resources, run operations on them etc.

The list of supported managed resources is not hard coded, but provided by (agent) plugins.

Wiki and issue tracker

The RHQ wiki contains information about running RHQ as well as a lot of design documentation.

Issues for RHQ are currently tracked in Bugzilla


To contribute please make sure you have signed the Fedora CLA as explained on this wiki page.

If you want to contribute to the source repository, please fork it into your own repository and send pull-requests afterwards. Each Pull-Request should be "backed" by an entry in Bugzilla. Please add the Bugzilla issue number to the Pull-Request.

Create a branch per pull-request, so that rebasing the mainline from `origin/master is easier afterwards, as it will not contain your changes of the pull-request.
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