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Repository of samples around RHQ like e.g. CLI scripts or usages of the REST api
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Merge pull request #17 from burmanm/systemd

Add sample systemd service descriptors for RHQ
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@pilhuhn pilhuhn authored
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agent/debug-tools/augeas-leak-detector adding a debugging tool to aid with finding native memory leaks cause…
cli rhqapi.js v0.3 and more examples
plugin/server/rhq-xmpp adding xmpp plugin
systemd Add one missing step
.gitignore Add more examples: list platforms + top level resources, transfer met… Improve markdown markup

This repository is supposed to contain samples around RHQ

We encourage everyone to submit samples that may be useful for others

  • CLI scripts
  • usages of the REST api
  • alert sender plugins
  • ...
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