HTML Character Codes Intelligently Ordered, including Optional Auto Copy to Clipboard Functionality
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HTML Character Codes


HTML character codes intuitively ordered with optional auto copy to clipboard functionality.

These are select, commonly used HTML character codes. The aim of this web application is usefulness and simplicity.

For an exhaustive list of HTML character codes, see HTML5 Reference.

Code Example



The sites I have found are too lengthy, list ubscure HTML character codes, and overall the codes are displayed in an unintuitive order. I found myself wanting optional automatic copy to clipboard as well as a beautiful blond girl in the background.


HTML Character Codes is online as a Web app. Simply nagivate to the URL

API Reference

The Web interface is the only supported interface at this time.


Ron Royston

I would like to thank Zeno Rocha for clipboard.js.


Ron Royston,, MIT License